23rd European Conference
on Iteration Theory

June 13th-17th, 2022

Reichenau an der Rax, AUSTRIA

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Hiking on Rax

Most hikes on the plateau are easy, with the exception of Bismarcksteig (see below). Especially the path from Bergstation (upper station of the cable car) to Ottohaus and continuing to Seehütte (called “Seeweg”) is almost like a street, similarly the ascent from Preiner Gscheid to Karl-Ludwig-Haus is almost like a street. Close to Karl-Ludwig-Haus there is Heukuppe (2007 m), the highest top of Rax. It is also easily accessible as almost all other tops of Rax. However it is recommended to use only signed paths on the plateau. Although today not indicated on maps also “Ho Chi Minh Pfad” (“Ho Chi Minh trail”) is a signed direct connection between Dirnbacherhütte (a bivouac box) to Seehütte. Do not complain if you go there, you knew its name, so what did you expect?

Bismarcksteig, ferrata, B. It is a nice exposed ferrata traversing the south-east face of Predigtstuhl on the connection between Seehütte and Karl-Ludwig-Haus. Since there is not really a preferred direction it is popular in both directions. Note that it is possible to avoid Bismarcksteig simply using the (also signed) path across the top of Predigtstuhl (taking even less time than Bismarcksteig). Because it is popular in both directions you would have to let pass people coming in the other direction (be careful doing so, a few years ago there has been a fatal incident!).

Among the easy ascents (and descents) are Schlangenweg from Preiner Gscheid to Karl-Ludwig-Haus (from there one reaches easily Heukuppe), Waxriegelsteig from Waxriegelhaus (can be reached from Preiner Gscheid or from Prein) to the plateau, Göbl-Kühn-Steig from Waxriegelhaus to Seehütte (in case of snow it is dangerous!), Törlweg from Hirschwang to Ottohaus, Gsohlhirnsteig from Hirschwang to Bergstation, Großer Kesselgraben from Höllental to Gloggnitzer Hütte, Schüttersteig from Nasswald to the plateau, Kaisersteig from Hinternasswald to Habsburghaus and Altenberger Steig from Altenberg (or from Preiner Gscheid) to Heukuppe. Here also Holzknechtsteig from Prein to Seehütte should be mentioned, which is not difficult but you have to go on a horrible scree (avoid it if you can!). A bit more demanding (partially with iron ropes and ladders, but not a real ferrata) are Camillo-Kronich-Steig from Kaiserbrunn to Bergstation, Wachthüttelkamm from Weichtalhaus to Ottohaus and Rudolfsteig from Weichtalhaus to Klobentörl. Note that your knees would not enjoy very much descending on the latter two.

Challenging hikes from Preiner Gscheid:

Fuchsloch, short climbing passage, I. One of the most impresive hikes on Rax! Fuchsloch is a very nice hike with a short but enjoyable climbing passage. If you have sufficient experience it is highly recommendable. Although one needs a head for heights and a certain climbing skills, it is much easier and less exposed (also a bit less impressive) than Haidsteig or Wildes Gamseck. Instead of starting at Preiner Gscheid one could also start in Altenberg.

Kleines Fuchsloch, I, and Amaliensteig, I. Both have very few ascents, but are nice (in particular Amaliensteig). However they may be dangerous (steep grass) and hard to find if you do not know the area!

Reißtalersteig, short ferrata, A/B. Perhaps this is the nicest ferrata from Preiner Gscheid.

Gretchensteig, short ferrata, A/B. The short ferrata before reaching the plateau can be avoided on Alter Wetterkogelsteig, which is completely without climbing.

Martinsteig, completely without climbing.

Raxenmäuersteig, short ferrata, A. Here there is only a very short and easy ferrata passage.

Karlsteig, short ferrata, A/B. Nice alternative to Schlangenweg.

Challenging hikes from Prein:

Haidsteig, ferrata, C/D. This very exposed and relatively long ferrata in the South face of Preinerwand is one of the most impresive hikes on Rax! If you have sufficient experience, enough climbing skills and a head for heights it is highly recommendable. Do not go there without appropiate equipment. Since it is very popular one strongly advises against descending on Haidsteig!

Preinerwandsteig, ferrata, A/B. Here there is a nice but strenuous path, and there is a lot of scree.

Challenging hikes from Weichtalhaus (Höllental):

Großes Höllental: This is a very impressive valley branching off Höllental. Sometimes it is called the “Grand Canyon of Rax”. From Weichtalhaus to Großes Höllental takes about 20 minutes. Note that going to Großes Höllental is only allowed via Schönbrunnersteig, not directly from the street (although some people do so). Schönbrunnersteig. If you come from Weichtalhaus go on the Höllentalbundesstraße in western direction. Before you reach the tunnel on the street branch off to the left on the signed path. After a few metres there is a bifurcation, keep on the path traversing, not on Wachthüttelkamm ascending in the forest (here you should take attention for the correct path!). Later you have to ascend on a long (but not too steep) ladder, and then the path traverses to the bottom of Großes Höllental. If you do not climb up one of the paths from Großes Höllental to the plateau (all with climbing passages) you should go back at the same path.

Preintalersteig, I. Although this path (red signs) has some nice climbing passages it is strenuous and there is a lot of scree. Because close to Preintalersteig there are a lot of climbing routes (all of them definitely more difficult than Preintalersteig) also with red signs there are several possibilities to come on a wrong path. In the previous years there have been several fatal incidents because people were on the wrong path!

Teufelsbadstubensteig, ferrata, A/B. Very nice ferrata from Großes Höllental to Wachthüttelkamm.

Alpenvereinssteig, ferrata, A/B. Also a very nice ferrata from Großes Höllental to Ottohaus.

Gaislochsteig, ferrata, A/B. Here the climbing passages are shorter than on Teufelsbadstubensteig, Alpenvereinssteig and Hoyossteig, but it is more exposed. Moreover often the rock is wet (sometimes almost a waterfall).

Hoyossteig, ferrata, A/B. On this ferrata one reaches Rudolfsteig from Großes Höllental.

Challenging hikes from Hinternasswald:

Wildfährte, ferrata, B, I. This is a very nice ferrata, but requires some climbing skills. Moreover it is strenuous.

Bärenloch, ferrata, B, I. Branching off from Wildfährte it has a similar character than the latter one.

Challenging hikes from Hinternasswald or Altenberg:

Wildes Gamseck, II. This is one of the most impresive hikes on Rax! Wildes Gamseck is very exposed. If you have sufficient experience, enough climbing skills and a head for heights it is highly recommendable. Do not go there without appropiate equipment.

Gamsecksteig, ferrata, A/B. Here there is also a lot of scree, but it is nice.