Due to the current Covid19 uncertainties, we will postpone actual information until January 2021.
By that time we hope to provide further information regarding registration, etc.

Organizing/Scientific Committee

  • Henk Bruin
  • Jernej Činč
  • Vera Fischer
  • Olga Lukina
  • Ben Miller

Planned special sessions with prospective session organisers:

Functional Analysis in Topology (Damian Sobota)
Continuum theory (Ana Anušić, Jan Boronski)
Foliation theory (Olga Lukina, Hiraku Nozawa)
Geometric group theory (Kasia Jankiewicz, Rachel Skipper and Daniel Studenmund)
Set-theoretic topology (Boaz Tsaban, Lyubomyr Zdomsky)
Tiling spaces (Henna Koivusalo, Jamie Walton)
Topological dynamics (Lori Alvin, Lubomir Snoha)36th