VSM workshop

A PhD in mathematics – career
possibilities & gender aspects.

1st, June 2021


Starting a PhD in mathematics opens a new chapter in your career, with new challenges and opportunities. In this workshop, researchers on all stages of their career will share their experience and advice with you. Is a PhD the right thing for you? Are your smart enough for a PhD? (Spoiler: YES!) How to pick your PhD topic? How to pick your supervisor? What do you need to know?

Since women are still underrepresented in the mathematical community, the workshop will also specially thematize gender issues in the mathematical community to counteract circulating prejudices and patterns.

The morning session consists of six talks and in the afternoon two open panel discussions are planned, where all the speakers from the morning will address your questions in an open panel discussion.

This workshop is aimed mainly at master and PhD students in mathematics.


The registration is free. When you register, we will sent you the links to access the workshop via email before the event.

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Call for questions!

You can contribute to the in panel discussions by sending us questions already before the workshop :)
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On Tuesday, 1st of June 2021:
  • 9:00 am – 1:00 pm: Short talks from researchers, PhD students...
  • 2:00 pm – 2:40 pm: Talk about gender aspects in academia (Brigitte Ratzer)
  • 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm: Panel discussion I (Ilse Fischer, Alexandra Holzinger, Annalisa Iuorio, Hana Melanova)
  • 3:55 pm – 4:55 pm: Panel discussion II (Karin Baur, Anita Gerstenmayer, Angelika Manhart, Ulisse Stefanelli)
  • 5:00 pm – open end: social event: gather.town
Detailed schedule


We are excited to introduce our list of distinguished speakers:

Karin Baur, University of Graz
Ilse Fischer, University of Vienna
Anita Gerstenmayer
Alexandra Holzinger, TU Wien
Annalisa Iuorio, University of Vienna
Angelika Manhart, University College London
Hana Melanova, University of Vienna
Brigitte Ratzer, TU Wien - Gender Competence
Ulisse Stefanelli. University of Vienna


The workshop is organised by the Vienna School of Mathematics (VSM), the joint doctoral school between the TU Wien and the University of Vienna.

Organizing committee:
Laura Kanzler
Chiara Novarini
Giulia Pilli
Steffen Plunder
Claudia Wytrzens