VSM workshop

A PhD in mathematics – career
possibilities & gender aspects.

1st, June 2021


Morning session:

The speakers will give an overview over their research or present a specific research topic, possibly suitable for a PhD (maybe yours!). Various fields of mathematics are represented, giving everyone the opportunity to find interesting topics. (You can already have a look at the titles and abstracts!)

time speaker general fields of research affiliation
09:00 Opening Session
09:05 Ilse Fischer combinatorics, discrete mathematicsUniversity of Vienna
09:35 Annalisa Iuorio applied dynamical systems, pattern formation, geometric singular perturbation theoryUniversity of Vienna
10:05 Ulisse Stefanelli calculus of variations, partial differential equations, and materials scienceUniversity of Vienna
10:35 break
10:50 Angelika Manhart mathematical biology, kinetic theory, numerical simulationsUniversity College London
11:20 Karin Baur algebraic, geometric and combinatorial methods in representation theoryUniversität Graz
11:50 break
12:00 Alexandra Holzinger and Hana Melanova PhD studentsTU Wien and University of Vienna
12:30 Anita Gerstenmayer changing from academia to industryVerbund

Afternoon session:

The afternoon session will consists of two panel discussions with speakers from the morning sessions. Depending on the specialisation, the research group one is working in and further taking into account many other factors, every PhD can be experienced differently! In the panel discussions a broad overview is given with the experience of the participants, also directed by your specific questions, which you can submit here.

time topic participants
14:00 "Gender aspects in academia" Brigitte Ratzer
14:45 "Panel discussion I: What you need to know about doing a PhD" Ilse Fischer, Alexandra Holzinger, Annalisa Iuorio, Hana Melanova
15:45 break
15:55 "Panel discussion II: Career opportunities after the PhD" Karin Baur, Anita Gerstenmayer, Angelika Manhart, Ulisse Stefanelli
16:55 Closing Session
17:00 "Informal gather.town party" everyone