8th International Conference on
Computational Harmonic Analysis

September 12-16, 2022

Ingolstadt, Germany

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Invited talks (to be completed as talk titles are submitted)

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  1. "Lipschitz Embeddings and Riemannian Properties of Spaces of Low-Rank Symmetric Matrices"
    Balan, Radu

  2. "Representation of Operators Using Fusion Frames"
    Balazs, Peter

  3. "Super-resolution of sparse measures: recent extensions"
    Batenkov, Dmitry

  4. "Sampling via Modulo Folding: Revisiting the Legacy of Shannon-Nyquist, Prony, Schoenberg, Pisarenko and Radon"
    Bhandari, Ayush

  5. "Local Structure and effective Dimensionality of Time Series Data Sets"
    Dörfler, Monika

  6. "Harmonic Grassmannian codes"
    Fickus, Matthew

  7. "Convergent SDP-hierarchies for causal optimization"
    Gross, David

  8. "An application of harmonic analysis to the digital humanities"
    Heinecke, Andreas

  9. "On the norm of linear extension operators in smooth function spaces"
    Israel, Arie

  10. "PCA is not dead: Vectorized persistent homology and flag medians"
    King, Emily

  11. "Driving force identification via dynamical sampling"
    Krishtal, Ilya

  12. "Measure Estimation in the Barycentric Coding Model: Geometry, Statistics, and Algorithms"
    Murphy, James

  13. "The HRT Conjecture for special configurations"
    Okoudjou, Kasso

  14. "Self-similar tile B-splines related bases"
    Protasov, Vladimir

  15. "The implicit bias of learning linear neural networks"
    Rauhut, Holger

  16. "Universal approximation properties of random neural networks"
    Salanevich, Palina

  17. "Regularity in Besov spaces of parabolic PDEs"
    Schneider, Cornelia

  18. "Randomly Initialized Alternating Minimization: Fast Convergence in Low-Rank Matrix Recovery"
    Stöger, Dominik

  19. "The Mathematics of Privacy and Synthetic Data"
    Strohmer, Thomas

  20. "Adversarial robustness of sparse local Lipschitz predictors"
    Sulam, Jeremias

  21. "Activation function design for deep networks: linearity and effective initialisation"
    Tanner, Jared

  22. "Constructive sparsification of finite frames with application in optimal function recovery"
    Ullrich, Tino

  23. "Exponential bases for partitions of intervals"
    Walnut, David

  24. "Sampling rates for l1-synthesis"
    Weiss, Pierre

  25. "Control and Machine Learning"
    Zuazua, Enrique

Contributed talks and posters

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  1. "New Properties of Clifford Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions (CPSWFs)"
    Baghal Ghaffari, Hamed

  2. "Frames via Unilateral Iterations of Bounded Operators"
    Bailey, Victor

  3. "Possible windows for finite-dimensional STFT phase retrieval"
    Bartusel, David

  4. "Graph signal processing and wavelet packets"
    Bulai, Iulia Martina

  5. "Complementable and hierarchical Riesz bases of exponentials"
    Caragea, Andrei

  6. "Off-the-Grid Estimation of Singular Measures"
    Catala, Paul

  7. "Implicitly Regularized Empirical Risk Minimization"
    Chou, Hung-Hsu

  8. "Effective deep neural network architectures for learning high-dimensional Banach-valued functions from limited data"
    Dexter, Nick

  9. "Marcinkiewicz averages of smooth orthogonal projections on sphere"
    Dziedziul, Karol

  10. "Rate-distortion optimal approximation with deep ReLU networks"
    Elbrächter, Dennis

  11. "Split-and-Merge Segmentation based on Graph Wedgelets"
    Erb, Wolfgang

  12. "Sample complexity of ill-posed inverse problems via compressed sensing"
    Felisi, Alessandro

  13. "Hisparse Solution of Bisparse Deconvolution"
    Flinth, Axel

  14. "Limitations of Deep Learning for Inverse Problems on Digital Hardware"
    Fono, Adalbert

  15. "Frame-based regularization of inverse problems"
    Frikel, Jürgen

  16. "Frame theory and Phase Retrieval"
    Ghoreishi, Dorsa

  17. "Uncertainty Quantification in Neural Differential Equations"
    Graf, Olga

  18. "Approximation by Translates in Translation and Modulation Invariant Banach Spaces"
    Gumber, Anupam

  19. "Symbol recovery for localization operators"
    Halvdansson, Simon

  20. "Quaternionic wavelets for colour images"
    Hogan, Jeffrey

  21. "Marcinkiewicz--Zygmund inequalities for scattered and random data on the $q$-sphere"
    Jahn, Thomas

  22. "Quantization techniques for concentrated signals in the space of bandlimited functions"
    Joy, Rohan

  23. "Exponential decay of scattering neural networks with tensor wavelet frames"

  24. "On regularized Shannon sampling formulas with localized sampling"
    Kircheis, Melanie

  25. "A Neural Network Explainer in the Wavelet Domain"
    Kolek, Stefan

  26. "Deep unfolding for analysis Compressed Sensing: does redundancy affect the generalization ability?"
    Kouni, Vasiliki

  27. "On the relation between Fourier and Walsh--Rademacher spectra for isotropic random fields"
    Kutsenko, Anton

  28. "Unions of exponential Riesz bases"
    Lee, Dae Gwan

  29. "Fundamental discretization barriers in STFT phase retrieval"
    Liehr, Lukas

  30. "Using transformations to generalize approximation operators for periodic functions"
    Lippert, Laura

  31. "Covariance Estimation under One-bit Quantization"
    Maly, Johannes

  32. "Local approximation by eignets"
    Mao, Tong

  33. "Stability and Generalization Capabilities of Message Passing Graph Neural Networks"
    Maskey, Sohir

  34. "On convergence of Ptychographic Iterative Engine for STFT phase retrieval"
    Melnyk, Oleh

  35. "Fourier Reconstruction in Diffraction Tomography"
    Quellmalz, Michael

  36. "Convergence Guarantees for Dynamical Neural Network Policy Learning"
    Rawson, Michael

  37. "Wirtinger flow type algorithms for low-dose phase retrieval"
    Römer, Patricia

  38. "Multiplication Generated Duals of a Subspace Frame and its Applications"
    Sarkar, Sudipta

  39. "Discrete Radial Wavelets: Construction and Applications"

  40. "Neural Tangent Kernel Beyond the Infinite-Width Limit: Effects of Depth and Initialization"
    Seleznova, Mariia

  41. "The metaplectic action on modulation spaces"
    Shafkulovska, Irina

  42. "Symmetric Duality in Fusion Frames"
    Shamsabadi, Mitra

  43. "Lipschitz Continuity of Spectra of Pseudodifferential Operators in a Weighted Sjöstrand Class"
    Speckbacher, Michael

  44. "A dimension-incremental approximation method for arbitrary bounded orthonormal product bases"
    Taubert, Fabian

  45. "Which neural networks can be computed by algorithms? - Expressivity meets Turing in Deep Learning"
    Thesing, Laura

  46. "Weaving frames linked with fractal convolutions"
    Verma, Geetika

  47. "Minimax rates for learning classification functions using neural networks"
    Voigtlaender, Felix

  48. "Framelet Message Passing: GNNs Propagation with Multiscale Multi-hop Representation and No Oversmoothing"
    Wang, Yuguang