36th Summer Topology Conference

July 18-22, 2022

University of Vienna, Department of Mathematics
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA

"Variational principles of a sequence of maps"

Biś, Andrzej

The authors of [1] have applied Convex Analysis approach to get a general variational principle. In a case of a sequence of continuous self-maps, there are several entropy-like quantities that lead to several pressure functions. In the talk, I intend to present the applications of the results of [1] to get the variational principles of a sequence of continuous self-maps. A presentation is based on [1] and a joint work with A. Marczuk. $$\phantom{---}$$ [1] Andrzej Bis, Maria Carvalho, Miguel Mendes, Paulo Varandas, A convex analysis approach to entropy functions, variational principles and equilibrium states, to appear in Commun. Math. Phys.

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