36th Summer Topology Conference

July 18-22, 2022

University of Vienna, Department of Mathematics
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA



Covid-19 Rules

Covid-19 rules in Vienna: facial FPP2 masks are obligatory in public transport, hospitals and pharmacy shops. Such masks are available to buy in most grocery and pharmacy stores. If you arrive through Vienna International Airport we recommend you buy FPP2 masks already at the airport.
Also inside the conference venue, wearing a FPP2 mask is required whenever one is not consuming food or drink or giving a lecture.
For the benefit of all the participants we ask you to comply with current hygienic standards introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic: wear FPP2 masks in closed spaces whenever possible, social distancing is recommended, clean your hands as often as possible. Most importantly, if you exhibit certain symptoms associated to Covid-19 infection (cough, high fever, strong headache, sore throat, unusual tiredness, dizziness, etc. ), please first test yourself with an Antigen test for Covid-19 which can be bought in any pharmacy shop before coming to the conference. In case you test positive, please let us know immediately, stay in your hotel and possibly participate on the conference online.
Covid-19 Antigen tests will be available at the registration desk upon request.


Registration Fee

(before April 30)
Late registration
(before July 4)
Registration on site
Regular participant:euro 130euro 160euro 200
Early career (Phd-student or before):euro 100euro 130euro 200
(Semi)plenary speaker:none
Only online:euro 40euro 40
Student accommodation
(only possible at early registration,
in addition to the registration fee)
For a description of these
student accommodations, please click here:
euro 270
Child care:We ask participants who are interested in child-care facilities to contact the organisers directly before April 16.

Payment for Conference Fee and Student Accommodation is requested on the Conference' Bank Account.

Please transfer the fee to the following bank, specifying
'DP506017+First Name+Last Name SUMTOPO22'
as the reason for payment.

Bank: Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien
Address: F.-W.-Raiffeisen-Platz 1, 1020 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Account Holder: UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA (DP506017)
IBAN: AT08 3200 0000 0067 5447
(In some cases an 11-letter BIC is required. Then use RLNWATWWXXX)
Reason for Payment: DP506017+First Name+Last Name SUMTOPO22

University of Vienna
Universitätsring 1
A-1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Turnover tax - identification number:
University of Vienna ATU 37586901

For this wiring service you can use a credit card.
In case you live in a non-EU country, we recommend online services like Transferwise to make the transfer. If you are in the United States, for instance, the cost for the transfer is around 2 dollars.


Abstract submission

Everyone who would like to give a talk is requested to send a preliminary title + abstract by May 31 2022. This is to give an indication to the session organizers how to arrange the available slots. Therefore please indicate the session you are interested in - no more than two session per speaker.

You have until July 4 to upload the final title + abstract, using the same template.

The template allows you to enter (and paste & copy) Latex text. Please don't use special macros, packages, and we cannot include pictures. In case you have co-authors, please include them in your abstract: 'This is joint work with Janet Smith (University of Jackson)'.

The field for remarks is only if you have specific queries, and will not appear in the abstract booklet.

The template should include:
- Functional Analysis in Topology
- Continuum theory
- Foliation theory
- Geometric group theory
- Set-theoretic topology
- Tiling space
- Topological dynamics
- (Semi-)plenary lecture



Vienna has a wide variety of hotel and airB&B possibilities. Due to the pandemic, their availability tends to vary, and sometimes hotels reopen under a new name/owner.
  • The following hotels can be reserved using university rates if you them mentioning "Sumtopo2022" when you reserve in time (deadline April 16). That is, we have a number of prebooked rooms that you can contact about on first-come-first-serve basis. See »Hotels Sumptopt« for prices and contact information.
  • A general list of hotels that the department tends to use is the following: Phishing Alarm: Please note that as organisers we will not employ third parties to convince you to take any hotel reservation or the like. If you receive such attempts or messages, please consider them as phishing unless they concern the student accommodation that you have chosen when registering.

  • We also made preservation at student accommodation in Vienna to a fixed week-price of €270 (Saturday 16 to Saturday 23). This is with minimal cooking facilities (but no breakfast or the like). At this point we are not providing the option for student accommodation anymore for newly registered participants.
    For a description of these student accommodations, please click here.


Touristic Information

Information regarding sightseeing and cultural/touristic activities in Vienna and its surroundings can be found here: https://www.wien.info/en/travel-info/vienna-city-card

From Vienna International Airport (Schwechat) to the city centre:

If you want to travel from the airport to the city center using public transportation here are some options you can use:
  • Railjet. These trains stop at Wien Meidling and at Vienna Main Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) and run every 25-35 minutes daily from about 7 am to 10.00 pm. The ticket costs 4,10 euros.
  • S-Bahn (S7). The express train plies between Vienna Airport and Floridsdorf. The journey takes 37 minutes as the train makes a number of stops. The ticket costs 4,10 euros.
  • Buses. The buses of Vienna Airport Lines take you direct to the Donauzentrum via Vienna International Centre (VIC), or to the Westbahnhof and Vienna Main Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof). Here more information about the timetable. The single journey costs 8 euros.

Local transport:

Public transport is good in Vienna, so that any two points in Vienna are connected via subway/bus/tram/train with travel time seldom over 30 minutes. The local transport company is called Wiener Linien.
The whole city is a single zone (Kernzone), and single tickets are valid for 1.5 hour anywhere on subway, train, tram and bus. A single ticket costs 2.40 (when bought at machines in subway/train stations) or 2.60 euro (when bought at machines in trams). (Tickets cannot be bought at tram-stops, bus-stops or in buses/trains.)
There are weekly tickets available valid from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 24:00 for 17.10 euro at ticket machines, and validated at entrance of subway stations or in bus/tram when used the first time.
To come from point A to point B in Kernzone we recommend using the Wienerlinien journey planner:
  • Journey Planner
    Everywhere on stations and in subway/bus/tram, wearing an FFP2 mask is compulsory. The airport Schwechat is just outside the Vienna Kernzone, and single tickets then cost 4.10 euro, but this tickets is than valid for a single trip anywhere in Vienna. For travelling to the department, take S7 train, change at Landstrasse/Stadtmitte to subway U4 (direction Heiligerstadt) and alight at Schottenring or Roßauerlände. From either subway station, the department is a 5 minute walk.

    Travel Vienna-Prague

    For those of you planning to visit Toposym Prague the week after:
    By train: frequent connections from Vienna Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) taking 4.5 to 5 hours. Online tickets on ÖBB.
    Early booking of train tickets can result in a cheaper price ("Sparschiene").
    By plane: 50min flight by Austrian Airlines

    Children Playgrounds




    Kaffeehäuser (Coffee Shops)

    Close to the mathematics department:

    - Coffee Break, Berggasse 37, 1090 Wien
    - Caffè a Casa, Servitengasse 4A, 1090 Wien
    - Café Konditorei Bürger, Servitengasse 12, 1090 Wien
    - La Mercerie, Berggasse 25, 1090 Wien
    - Cafè Naschsalon, Liechtensteinstraße 38A, 1090 Wien
    - Hofkellerei im Gartenpalais, Fürstengasse 1, 1090 Wien
    - Goppion Caffè Vienna, Liechtensteinstraße 46a, 1090 Wien
    - Café Stein, Währinger Str. 6-8, 1090 Wien
    - Café Le Marché, Währinger Str. 6-8, 1090 Wien
    - Weltcafé, Schwarzspanierstraße 15, 1090 Wien
    - Café Freud, Berggasse 17, 1090 Wien
    - Luxor, Grünentorgasse 19B, 1090 Wien
    - Café Telegraph, Garnisongasse 7, 1090 Wien
    - Café Votiv, Reichsratsstraße 17, 1010 Wien

    Classic(-like) Viennese Coffee Houses:

    - Café Central, Herrengasse 14, 1010 Wien
    - Café Landtmann, Universitätsring 4, 1010 Wien
    - Café Museum, Operngasse 7, 1010 Wien
    - Café Schwarzenberg, Kärntner Ring 17, 1010 Wien
    - Café Sacher Wien, Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien
    - K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel, Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Wien
    - Teehaus Haas & Haas, Stephansplatz 4, 1010 Wien
    - Café Prückel, Stubenring 24, 1010 Wien
    - Café Ritter Ottakring, Ottakringer Str. 117, 1160 Wien
    - Café Eiles, Josefstädter Str. 2, 1080 Wien
    - Café Tirolerhof, Führichgasse 8, 1010 Wien
    - Café Goldegg, Argentinierstraße 49, 1040 Wien
    - Café Sperl, Gumpendorfer Str. 11, 1060 Wien

    Alternatives (special location, special experience, very good coffee):

    - Café Korb, Brandstätte 7/9, 1010 Wien
    - CoffeePirates, Spitalgasse 17, 1090 Wien
    - Café Weidinger, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 1, 1160 Wien
    - Schlosscafé im Oberen Belvedere, Prinz Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Wien
    - Dorotheum Café, Spiegelgasse 16, 1010 Wien
    - TOP Kino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Wien
    - phil, Gumpendorfer Str. 10 - 12, 1060 Wien
    - Vollpension, Schleifmühlgasse 16, 1040 Wien
    - Café Kafka, Capistrangasse 8, 1060 Wien
    - Brasserie Palmenhaus, Burggarten 1, 1010 Wien

    Traditional chains (multiple locations in Vienna):

    - Café-Konditorei Aida
    - Café Diglas
    - Kurkonditorei Oberlaa
    - K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker L. Heiner

    Cultural Programs in July 2022

    Vienna Film Festival in front of the Town Hall:
    Concerts and/or films on a big screen every evening after nightfall: https://filmfestival-rathausplatz.at and the program.

    Open Air Film in the Augarten:

    Open Air Film in front of Charles Chruch:

    Open Air Film on the roof of the main library

    Unfortunately, the Vienna Opera, Konzerthaus and Volksoper all have holidays this period.

    The Musikverein has a program.

    Concerts in the St Ruprchtskirche (arguably 2nd oldest church in Vienna after Stephansdom): https://www.ruprechtskirche.at/mec-category/konzert