36th Summer Topology Conference

July 18-22, 2022

University of Vienna, Department of Mathematics
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA

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Abstract submission

Everyone who would like to give a talk is requested to send a preliminary title + abstract by May 31 2022. This is to give an indication to the session organizers how to arrange the available slots. Therefore please indicate the session you are interested in - no more than two session per speaker.

You have until July 4 to upload the final title + abstract, using the same template.

The template allows you to enter (and paste & copy) Latex text. Please don't use special macros, packages, and we cannot include pictures. In case you have co-authors, please include them in your abstract: 'This is joint work with Janet Smith (University of Jackson)'.

The field for remarks is only if you have specific queries, and will not appear in the abstract booklet.

The template should include:
- Functional Analysis in Topology
- Continuum theory
- Foliation theory
- Geometric group theory
- Set-theoretic topology
- Tiling space
- Topological dynamics
- (Semi-)plenary lecture


List of accepted Talks/Posters:

(ordered by name)
  1. "Harmonic measure and rigidity for surface group actions on the circle"
    Adachi, Masanori

  2. "On notions of precompactness, continuity and Lipschitz functions associated with quasi-Cauchy sequences"

  3. "Uniformly dense subspaces in function spaces"
    Aguilar, Joel

  4. "When is a quasi-uniformly continuous real-valued function on a quasi-uniform space bounded?"
    Agyingi, Collins Amburo

  5. "Monads and their Eilenberg-Moore categories of the categories of enriched lattice-valued convergence spaces"
    Ahsanullah, T M G

  6. "Exceptional minimal sets and regularity"
    Alvarez, Sebastien

  7. "Gromov-Hausdorff Hyperspaces of $\mathbb R^n$"
    Antonyan, Sergey

  8. "On the structure of characteristic classes of codimension-one foliations"
    Asuke, Taro

  9. "A characterization of productive cellularity"
    Aurichi, Leandro

  10. "Compact spaces associated to Banach lattices"
    Aviles, Antonio

  11. "Mappings of inverse limits revisited^3"
    Banic, Iztok

  12. "Open filters and measurable cardinals"
    Bardyla, Serhii

  13. "Poincaré-Hopf's theorem and dynamics of isolated invariant compacta"
    Barge, Héctor

  14. "On complemented copies of $c_0$ in spaces of vector-valued continuous functions with the pointwise topology."
    Bargetz, Christian

  15. "Chaotic dynamics in foliated spaces"
    Barral Lijo, Ramon

  16. "Expanding Lorenz maps with slope greater than $\sqrt{2}$ are leo"
    Bartłomiejczyk, Piotr

  17. "Cohomology of cut and project tiling"
    Bedaride, Nicolas

  18. "Coarse embeddings and homological filling functions"
    Bensaid, Oussama

  19. "Cross-pollinations of descriptive set theory and homological algebra"
    Bergfalk, Jeffrey

  20. "Variational principles of a sequence of maps"
    Biś, Andrzej

  21. "When Topology forces Dynamics"
    Boyland, Philip

  22. "$L^p$-geometry of diffeomorphism groups: old and new results"
    Brandenbursky, Michael

  23. "High-dimensional rational cohomology of $\operatorname{SL}_n(\mathbb{Z})$"
    Brück, Benjamin

  24. "Homomorphisms between multidimensional substitutive subshifts."
    Cabezas, Christopher

  25. "On dynamics of Lorenz maps - Renormalizations and primary $n(k)$-cycles"
    Cholewa, Łukasz

  26. "Toeplitz subshifts and invariant measures"
    Cortez, María Isabel

  27. "Set-valued functions with Markov property and generalized inverse limits"
    Črepnjak, Matevž

  28. "Local entropy and Continua"
    Darji, Udayan

  29. "Generating subgroups of the circle using a generalized class of density functions"
    Das, Pratulananda

  30. "Bounded remainder sets for rotations on compact groups"
    Das, Akshat

  31. "Minimal extensions of smooth dynamical systems"
    Dirbák, Matúš

  32. "Minimal Dynamical systems with closed relations II"
    Erceg, Goran

  33. "Local rules for Cut and Project Tilings"
    Fernique, Thomas

  34. "Braided Thompson groups and their quasimorphisms"
    Fournier-Facio, Francesco

  35. "Lamplighter groups and bireversible automata"
    Francoeur, Dominik

  36. "Substitution tilings with transcendental inflation factor"
    Frettlöh, Dirk

  37. "The strong Gelfand--Phillips property for locally convex spaces"
    Gabriyelyan, Saak

  38. "The (profinite) fundamental group of a tiling space"
    Gähler, Franz

  39. "Counting tiles in substitution tilings"
    Garber, Alexey

  40. "Topological Data Analysis meets Geometric Group Theory: Stratifying the space of barcodes using Coxeter complexes"
    Garin, Adélie

  41. "Compact Generators"
    Gartside, Paul

  42. "Boundary slopes for the Markov ordering on relatively prime integer pairs"
    Gaster, Jonah

  43. "On set (strongly) star Menger"
    Giacopello, Davide

  44. "Spectra of maximal almost orthogonal families of projections in the Calkin algebra"
    Godziszewski, Michał

  45. "Big and large continua in inverse limits of inverse systems over directed graphs"
    Goričan, Peter

  46. "Cardinal inequalities with Shanin number and $\pi$-character"
    Gotchev, Ivan

  47. "Minimal dynamical systems with closed relations I"
    Gril Rogina, Rene

  48. "Cantor actions with discrete spectrum and their amorphic complexity"
    Gröger, Maik

  49. "Coverings of Banach spaces and their subsets by hyperplanes"
    Głodkowski, Damian

  50. "Many types of digital connectivities derived from some Alexandroff topologies on ${\mathbb Z}^n$"
    Han, Sang-Eon

  51. "Transverse measures in the theory of tiling spaces"
    Hartnick, Tobias

  52. "Transverse measures in the theory of tiling spaces"
    Hartnick, Tobias


  54. "Pure point diffraction and entropy beyond the euclidean space"
    Hauser, Till

  55. "Borel complexity of ideal limit points"
    He, Xi

  56. "Fine Curve Graphs and Surface Homeomorphisms"
    Hensel, Sebastian

  57. "The hyperspace of noncut subcontinua of a hairy dendrite"
    Hernandez-Gutierrez, Rodrigo

  58. "Topological Factoring Between Two Cantor Systems"
    Hosseini, Maryam

  59. "Type invariants for solenoidal manifolds"
    Hurder, Steven

  60. "Problems and solutions on Continuum Theory and its Hyperspaces"
    Illanes, Alejandro

  61. "Combinatorially dual spaces"
    Jachimek, Sebastian

  62. "Directional expansiveness of Penrose tilings"
    Jang, Hyeeun

  63. "Rigid continua and their inverse limits"
    Kac, Teja

  64. "On $\Delta$-spaces and spaces $C_p(X)$"
    Kąkol, Jerzy

  65. "G-maps over the homogeneous space G/H as equivariant fibrations"
    Kantún-Montiel, Aura Lucina

  66. "Generalized Bratteli-Vershik diagrams"
    Karpel, Olena

  67. "Connected components of Morse boundaries of graph of groups"
    Karrer, Annette

  68. "Comuting symplectomorphisms and flux homomorphism"
    Kawasaki, Morimichi

  69. "Ellis semigroup for constant length substitutions"
    Kellendonk, Johannes

  70. "Two lines and a Lelek fan"
    Kennedy, Judy

  71. "The Zero Entropy Locus for the Lozi Maps"
    Kilassa Kvaternik, Kristijan

  72. "On the hyperspace of simple closed curves in the plane"
    Krupski, Paweł

  73. "Orientation preserving Lozi mappings"
    Kucharski, Przemysław

  74. "Co-meager isomorphism classes in spaces of enumerated groups"
    Kunnawalkam Elayavalli, Srivatsav

  75. "Projective Fraisse limit of finite connected graphs with confluent epimorphisms"
    Kwiatkowska, Aleksandra

  76. "Borel complexities of sets of generic points"
    Kwietniak, Dominik

  77. "Boomerang subgroups and the Stuck-Zimmer theorem"
    Lederle, Waltraud

  78. "Understanding substitution tilings with pure discrete spectrum through a cut-and-project method"
    Lee, Jeong-Yup

  79. "When is a locally convex space Eberlein-Grothendieck?"
    Leiderman, Arkady

  80. "An n-Cell as a Generalize Inverse Limit Indexed by the Integers"
    Lemež, Boštjan

  81. "\(K\)-theory of two-dimensional substitution tiling spaces from \(AF\)-algebras"
    Liu, Jianlong

  82. "Subgroups of right-angled Artin groups"
    Lopez de Gamiz Zearra, Jone

  83. "On strictly point $\mathcal{T}$-asymmetric continua"
    Macias, Sergio

  84. "Set versions of star compact and star Lindelöf properties"
    Maesano, Fortunato

  85. "Complexity of $\eta$-od-like continua."
    Maldonado Garcia, Hugo Adrian

  86. "Complemented subspaces of function spaces $C_p(X\times Y)$, sequences of measures, and ultrafilters"
    Marciszewski, Witold

  87. "On tilings, amenable equivalence relations and foliated spaces"
    Martínez, Matilde

  88. "De Rham cohomology of the weak stable foliation of the geodesic flow of a hyperbolic surface"
    Maruhashi, Hirokazu

  89. "The spaces of non-descendible quasimorphisms and bounded characteristic classes"
    Maruyama, Shuhei

  90. "Zero-dimensional $\sigma$-homogeneous spaces"
    Medini, Andrea

  91. "Topological group actions by group automorphisms and Banach representations"
    Megrelishvili, Michael

  92. "Nonperiodic leaves of codimension one foliations"
    Meniño Cotón, Carlos

  93. "Flat real analytic circle bundles and the Mather-Thurston map"
    Mitsumatsu, Yoshihiko

  94. "Subgroups of $PL_+ I$ which do not embed into Thompson's group $F$"
    Moore, Justin

  95. "On the additivity of strong homology for locally compact second countable spaces"
    Moore, Justin

  96. "Computation of some leafwise cohomology ring"
    Mori, Shota

  97. "PL homeomorphisms of surfaces and codimension 2 PL foliations"
    Nariman, Sam

  98. "Residually finite quotients of free products"
    Ng, Thomas

  99. "Pointwise attractors which are not strict"
    Nowak, Magdalena

  100. "Answers for functionally countable compacta"
    Nyikos, Peter

  101. "On entropies in quasi-metric spaces"
    Olela-Otafudu, Olivier

  102. "Transitions in dynamical systems from one- to two-dimensions"
    Ou, Dyi-Shing

  103. "Typical Trees: An Out(F_r) Excursion"
    Pfaff, Catherine

  104. "Almost disjoint families and Banach spaces"
    Plebanek, Grzegorz

  105. "The mean orbital pseudo-metric in topological dynamics"
    Pourmand, Habibeh

  106. "Stability of the topological pressure for continuous piecewise monotonic interval maps"
    Raith, Peter

  107. "Horocycle flows on Abelian covers of hyperbolic surfaces"
    Ravotti, Davide

  108. "Extension of mappings to non-Tychonoff spaces"
    Reznichenko, Evgenii

  109. "Complements of topologies with short specialization quasiorders"
    Richmond, Tom

  110. "Topological characterizations of the n-dimensional Sierpinski Carpet"
    Rocha de Souza, Lucas Henrique

  111. "Weakly Corson compact trees"
    Russo, Tommaso

  112. "Substitutions on compact alphabets"
    Rust, Dan

  113. "New asymptotic invariants for mesure preserving vector fields."
    Rydzek, Marianne

  114. "Classifying homeomorphism of tiling spaces"
    Sadun, Lorenzo

  115. "Mass transport on aperiodic tilings"
    Sadun, Lorenzo

  116. "Universality for \(\mathbb{R}^d\)-flows."
    Sanadhya, Shrey

  117. "Fixed points, Reidemeister numbers, and cohomology"
    Santos Rego, Yuri

  118. "Obstructions to Riemannian smoothing of non-positively curved manifolds"
    Sathaye, Bakul

  119. "Wadge Hierarchy on 0-dimensional Polish space"
    Scamperti, Salvatore

  120. "The internal probability measures giving rise to a fixed Loeb measure"
    Schrittesser, David

  121. "Partition theorems for uncountable expanded trees"
    Shelah, Saharon

  122. "Topological Groups with Strong Disconnectedness Properties"
    Sipacheva, Olga

  123. "Dyer groups are CAT(0)"
    Soergel, Mireille

  124. "A dichotomy for bounded displacement equivalence"
    Solomon‬‏, ‪Yaar

  125. "$\Delta$-related functions and generalized inverse limits"
    Sovič, Tina

  126. "Classification of the Lozi maps"
    Stimac, Sonja

  127. "Ultrafilters and Ideal Independent Families"
    Switzer, Corey

  128. "New Topological Generalizations of Descriptive Set Theory and Applications to Selection Principles"
    Tall, Franklin

  129. "Extending homeomorphisms on Cantor cubes"
    Valov, Vesko

  130. "The automorphism group of the free group of rank two and the five-punctured sphere."
    Wade, Richard

  131. "Transverse entropy of foliataed IFS's"
    Walczak, Paweł

  132. "Self-similarity of substitution tiling semigroups"
    Whittaker, Mike

  133. "Entropy and kneading of interval and tree maps"
    Wu, Chenxi

  134. "Fibered cones and sphere complex translation lengths"
    Wu, Chenxi

  135. "On the density of polynomial orbits in minimal systems"
    Ye, Xiangdong