Applied Harmonic Analysis and Friends

June 19th - 25th 2022



Welcome to the website for Strobl22. The organizers are determined to make it happen. The conference "Harmonic Analysis and Friends" in Strobl from June 19-25 (BIFEB, Bürglstein 1-7, 5360 Strobl, AUSTRIA) will take place (within the legal constraints).

During the pandemic, we have learned that personal meetings and direct communication are essential for science and the scientific community. They cannot be replaced by virtual interaction. So, let us meet again in the fabulous environment of Strobl and lake Wolfgang. Therefore, this conference can only be attended in person.

Please note that some Covid rules (e.g. mandatory vaccination) may still be in place. If you travel to Austria please check the frequently updated entry rules. Please also check the Corona rules that apply at the event location in Strobl (Bifeb).


Topics include function spaces, time-frequency analysis and Gabor analysis, frame theory, sampling theory and compressed sensing, pseudodifferential operators and Fourier integral operators, numerical harmonic analysis, abstract harmonic analysis, and applications of harmonic analysis.

Plenary Speakers


Peter Balazs, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Martin Ehler, University of Vienna
Karlheinz Gröchenig, University of Vienna
Thomas Strohmer, University of California at Davis

Founding Organizer