Applied Harmonic Analysis and Friends

June 19th - 25th 2022


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List of plenary Talks:

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(ordered by name)
  1. "Stable phase retrieval for finite and infinite dimensional subspaces"
    Freeman, Daniel

  2. "Mathematical Aspects of STFT Phase Retrieval"
    Grohs, Philipp

  3. "Contractive idempotent Fourier multipliers and Hilbert points in the Hardy space"
    Ortega Cerdà, Joaquim

  4. "Fourier interpolation formulas, uniqueness pairs, and energy minimization problems"
    Radchenko, Danylo

  5. "Generalizations and applications of the Lovász theta number"
    Vallentin, Frank

List of accepted Talks:

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(ordered by name)
  1. "Cross Frame Potential"
    Aceska, Roza

  2. "From frames to weak $A$-semi-frames"
    Antoine, Jean-Pierre

  3. "Geometric and Analytic Aspects of Low-Rank Positive Semidefinite Matrices"
    Balan, Radu

  4. "Double Preconditioning for Gabor Frame Operators: Numerical and Functional Analytic Aspects"
    Balazs, Peter

  5. "Frame-related Sequences in Chains and Scales of Hilbert Spaces"
    Bellomonte, Giorgia

  6. "Wigner transform and quasicrystals"
    Boggiatto, Paolo

  7. "Exact and approximate orbit representations of frames"
    Christensen, Ole

  8. "Comparisons between Fourier and STFT multipliers: the smoothing effect of the Short-time Fourier Transform"
    Cordero, Elena

  9. "Some results about the spectra of dual frames multipliers"
    Corso, Rosario

  10. "Continuous Wavelet Frames on the Sphere: The Group-Theoretic Approach Revisited,"
    Dahlke, Stephan

  11. "M-harmonic Bergman kernels"
    Englis, Miroslav

  12. "Reproducing properties of lattice orbits of nilpotent Lie groups"
    Enstad, Ulrik

  13. "Gaussian lattice sums and optimal Gabor frames"
    Faulhuber, Markus

  14. "Tools and Ideas for Time-Frequency Analysis"
    Feichtinger, Hans

  15. "Polychromatic Ptychographic Imaging (Phase Retrieval from Spectrogram Measurements)"
    Filbir, Frank

  16. "Identification of neural networks: from one neuron to deep networks"
    Fornasier, Massimo

  17. "Regularity results for classes of Hilbert C*-modules with respect to special bounded C*-functionals"
    Frank, Michael

  18. "Phase retrieval for group frames"
    Führ, Hartmut

  19. "Sparse super resolution and its trigonometric approximation in microscopy"
    Hockmann, Mathias

  20. "Generalised translations, bandpass bases and splines in higher dimensions"
    Hogan, Jeffrey

  21. "Detection of Zeros in the Short-Time Fourier Transform"
    Koliander, Günther

  22. "Predictive Algorithms for Dynamical Sampling Problems with Burst-like Forcing Terms"
    Krishtal, Ilya

  23. "Tauberian theorems for operators and functions"
    Luef, Franz

  24. "Samplets: Construction and scattered data compression"
    Multerer, Michael

  25. "Signal Sampling and Interpolation on Community Graphs"
    Pesenson, Isaac

  26. "Sharp exponential estimates for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator"
    Pick, Luboš

  27. "High dimensional approximation and application to PDEs with random coefficients"
    Potts, Daniel

  28. "The implicit bias of gradient descent for learning linear neural networks"
    Rauhut, Holger

  29. "s-Numbers of Embeddings of Weighted Wiener Classes"
    Sickel, Winfried

  30. "Estimation of binary time-frequency masks from ambient white noise"
    Speckbacher, Michael

  31. "Frame Multipliers and Compressive Sensing"
    Tauböck, Georg

  32. "Tensor product continuous frame multipliers"
    Teofanov, Nenad

  33. "Schatten properties, nuclearity and minimality of phase shift invariant spaces"
    Toft, Joachim

  34. "Spectral analysis and synthesis for non-stationary random signals"
    Torresani, Bruno

  35. "Dual molecules for (quasi-Banach) coorbit spaces"
    Voigtlaender, Felix

  36. "Hardy spaces with variable exponents in Fourier analysis"
    Weisz, Ferenc

  37. "On the Coupled Fractional Fourier Transform and its Extensions"
    Zayed, Ahmed

List of accepted Posters:

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Tuesday's poster session:

  1. "Dual Scalable Frames"
    Arefijamaal, Ali Akbar

  2. "Properties of Clifford Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions"
    Baghal Ghaffari, Hamed

  3. "Discrete representation of linear bounded operators on Banach spaces using self-localised frames"
    Bytchenkoff, Dimitri

  4. "Discrete Translates in the Hardy Space $H^1(\mathbb{R})$"
    Dharra, Bhawna

  5. "Completeness of shifted dilates in invariant Banach spaces of tempered distributions"
    Gumber, Anupam

  6. "Matching Pursuit with Localized Frames"
    Holböck, Jakob

  7. "Quasi-Random Delays yield Shift-Invariant Wavelet Decompositions in Coorbit Spaces"
    Holighaus, Nicki

  8. "Rate-optimal sparse approximation of compact break-of-scale embeddings"
    Hübner, Janina

  9. "Wavelet methods in partial differential equations on spheres"
    Iglewska-Nowak, Ilona

  10. "Fusion Frame Multipliers"
    Köhldorfer, Lukas

  11. "Induction sets and p-eigenvectors"
    Lócsi, Levente

  12. "Spectral graph wavelets penalization for M/EEG distributed inverse problem"
    MOKHTARI, Samy

  13. "Discrete Biorthogonal Systems and Rational Interpolation in the Hardy Space of Unit Disc and Upper Half Plane"
    Pap, Margit

  14. "Invariance of the Fredholm Index of Non-Smooth Pseudodifferential Operators"
    Pfeuffer, Christine

  15. "Adapted variable density subsampling for compressed sensing"
    Ruetz, Simon

  16. "The matrix representation of unbounded operators using sequences"
    Shamsabadi, Mitra

  17. "Maximal cyclic subspaces for dual integrable representations"
    Slamic, Ivana

  18. "New challenges in extended Gevrey regularity"
    Tomic, Filip

  19. "Enhanced Digital Halftoning via Weighted Sigma-Delta Modulation"
    Veselovska, Anna

  20. "Anisotropic global wave front set for Gelfand-Shilov ultradistributions"
    Wahlberg, Patrik

  21. "Rate-optimal sparse approximation of compact break-of-scale embeddings"
    Weimar, Markus

Thursday's poster session:

  1. "The Lp convergence of Fourier series on triangular domains"
    Acosta Babb, Ryan L

  2. "Constructive subsampling of finite frames with applications in optimal function recovery"
    Bartel, Felix

  3. "Phase retrieval of bandlimited functions for the wavelet transform"
    Bartolucci, Francesca

  4. "Finite-dimensional STFT phase retrieval for short windows"
    Bartusel, David

  5. "Quasi-Banach Modulation Spaces and Localization Operators on LCA groups"
    Bastianoni, Federico

  6. "Alpha-rectifying frames: Injectivity and local reconstruction of ReLU-layers"
    Haider, Daniel

  7. "Quantum harmonic analysis on locally compact groups"
    Halvdansson, Simon

  8. "Generalized Coorbit theory for Alpha-Modulation spaces"
    Hansen, Markus

  9. "Phase Retrieval Via Polarization In Dynamical Sampling"
    Hasannasab, Marzieh

  10. "Software testing in the Large Time Frequency Analysis Toolbox"
    Hollomey, Clara

  11. "Quarklet Characterizations for Triebel-Lizorkin spaces"
    Hovemann, Marc

  12. "Critical densities in generalized Paley-Wiener spaces"
    Klotz, Andreas

  13. "Bundle Structures on Feichtinger’s Algebras"
    Lamando, Arvin

  14. "Spectral deviation of concentration operators for the short-time Fourier transform"
    Marceca, Felipe

  15. "Accelerating FGLA using convex optimization"
    Nenov, Rossen

  16. "Explainable Approximation in high Dimensions: Fourier-based Algorithms meet Kernel Methods"
    Nestler, Franziska

  17. "Random sampling in a reproducing kernel subspace of $L^{p}({\mathbb R}^{n})$"
    Patel, Dhiraj

  18. "Recovery guarantees for phase retrieval via the randomized Kaczmarz algorithm"
    Römer, Patricia

  19. "Gabor frame bound optimization"
    Shafkulovska, Irina

  20. "Extension of Anti-Wick operators to ultradistributions with super-exponential kernels"
    Vučković, Đorđe

  21. "Nonlinear time-frequency transforms inspired by audio perception"
    Warion, Pierre