Applied Harmonic Analysis and Friends

June 19th - 25th 2022


Strobl 2022 will offer special attractions:

- Five excellent speakers will give plenary talks: Freeman, Grohs, Ortega Cerdà, Radchenko and Vallentin.

- We plan a series of special talks honoring Hans Georg Feichtinger, whose 70th birthday in 2021 we were unable to celebrate. The Hans Feichtinger session is organized by Maurice De Gosson and is planned to be on Friday.

- We were invited to assemble a special issue for “Sampling Theory, Signal Processing, and Data Analysis'' on harmonic analysis and applications. Priority will be given to the contributions by participants of the conference.

- We will hold again a lively open-air poster presentation with an award for the best poster, seperated in a poster session on Tuesday afternoon, and a Poster Night planned on Thursday, evening.

- We will again organize social events: a conference dinner on Monday, an excursion on Wednesday afternoon to the Schafberg (alternative: a soccer game) and a jam session on Tuesday.

- Let us also remind you of the special flair of this conference: We will have a schedule which is not too tight; stay at a nice place, where most of the participants are accomodated. This setting allows for lots of opportunities to discuss mathematics with colleagues and to enjoy the beautiful nature of Austria.


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