First Edition

Recent advances in
Gradient Flows,
Kinetic Theory, and
Reaction-Diffusion Equations

13-16 July 2021

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  1. "Analysis of systems with small cross-diffusion"
    Alasio, Luca

  2. "Reaction-diffusion systems derived from reactive Boltzmann equations"
    Bisi, Marzia

  3. "Phase separation in active Brownian particles"
    Bruna, Maria

  4. "Kinetic Models and (Social) Networks"
    Burger, Martin

  5. "Some new applications of the duality method for cross diffusion equations"
    Desvillettes, Laurent

  6. "On the long time behaviour of irreversible enzyme systems"
    Einav, Amit

  7. "Nonlocal-interaction equation on graphs"
    Esposito, Antonio

  8. "Hypocoercivity for a kinetic model for bacterial chemotaxis"
    Evans, Josephine

  9. "The Dean-Kawasaki equation and the structure of density fluctuations in systems of diffusing particles"
    Fischer, Julian

  10. "Consensus Based Sampling"
    Hoffmann, Franca

  11. "Rates of Convergence to Non-Equilibrium Steady States for the Chain of Oscillators"
    Menegaki, Angeliki

  12. "Gradient structures and EDP convergence for reaction and diffusion"
    Mielke, Alexander

  13. "Quantitative Geometric Control in Kinetic Theory"
    Mouhot, Clément

  14. "Deterministic particle approximations for nonlocal transport equations"
    Radici, Emanuela

  15. "Quantified overdamped limit for Kinetic Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equations"
    Tse, Oliver

  16. "On kinetic rating models"
    Wolfram, Marie-Therese