Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution

July 15-18, 2024
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List of accepted Talks:

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  1. "Recombination among plasmids boosts their fitness and the spread of antibiotic resistance genes"
    Acacia, Emma

  2. "Growing up and feeling like a loser. Impact of maturation delay on the eco-evolutionary game dynamics in changing environment."
    Argasinski, Krzysztof

  3. "Mutual dependence and reproductive cohesion in incipient endosymbioses"
    Athreya, Gaurav

  4. "The interaction between overdominant heterosis and hybrid incompatibilities"
    Ayala-Lopez, Julio

  5. "Spontaneous symmetry breaking between species in large Lotka-Volterra communities"
    Baron, Joseph William

  6. "A conceptual cancer development model with time-varying extinction threshold: Breast cancer case study"
    Bastian, Frank

  7. "Games and the treatment convexity of cancer"
    Bayer, Peter

  8. "Individual variation and plasticity in tactic use in a producer-scrounger game: a threshold trait model"
    Bharath, Dhanya

  9. "Eco-evolutionary dynamics for finite populations and the noise-induced reversal of selection"
    Bhat, Shikhara

  10. "The Eco-evolutionary Feedback between Cooperative Hunting and Reproductive Skew"
    Borofsky, Talia

  11. "Male-male competition shaping the evolution of differentiated temporal niches"
    BOUINIER, Titouan

  12. "Bayesian inference of mixed Gaussian phylogenetic models"
    Brahmantio, Bayu

  13. "Biological modelling: some average research"
    Broom, Mark

  14. "Genetic composition of supercritical branching populations under power law mutation rates"
    Brouard, Vianney

  15. "Polygenic dynamics underlying the response of quantitative traits to directional selection"
    Bürger, Reinhard

  16. "Social feedback and the adaptive value of information in a dynamic game of divorce"
    Canterbury, Tristan

  17. "Topological puzzles in biology: how structure shapes a system's evolution"
    Carja, Oana

  18. "Bleaching as a result of coral optimization in a changing environment"
    Cavailles, Jerome

  19. "Chemical defenses in nearly all plants eradicate an endemic by any generalist insects. A result obtained by mathematical modeling"

  20. "Population dynamics and games of variable size"
    Chalub, Fabio

  21. "Can we estimate epidemiological parameters of respiratory viruses from prospective household studies ? - Impact of study design"
    Chervet, Sophie

  22. "Bacterial Microcompartments: how dynamic nutritional niches can shape microbial communities"
    Clare, Chania

  23. "The Structural and Dynamic Determinants of Microbial Community Stability"
    Clegg, Thomas

  24. "The evolution of GC-biased gene conversion by means of natural selection"
    Clessin, Augustin

  25. "Evolutionary Dynamics Within and Among Competing Groups"
    Cooney, Daniel

  26. "The gene’s eye-view of quantitative genetics"
    Courau, Philibert

  27. "Multiple mating: a threat?"
    Courtois, Marine

  28. "The evolution of boundedly rational learning in games"
    Couto, Marta

  29. "Antibiotic resistance evolution: Assessing the effect of different drug doses and types"
    Czuppon, Peter

  30. "Exploring the inference potential of species co-occurrence data - From sampling scales to drivers of community assembly"
    Darcy, Sean

  31. "Biased mutation is insufficient to save runaway sexual selection"
    Dashtbali, Mohammadali

  32. "Multilevel selection models for microbiomes"
    de Azevedo-Lopes, Amanda

  33. "The interactive effects of habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, restoration and dispersal capacity on community connectivity"
    de Jager, Monique

  34. "Sharp habitat shifts, evolutionary tipping points and rescue: quantifying the perilous path of a specialist species toward a refugium in a changing environment"
    Dekens, Léonard

  35. "Negative frequency-dependence is not a mechanism of coexistence in spatially fragmented populations"
    Devadhasan, Anush

  36. "Adaption through copy number variation of eccDNA in yeast"
    Dewan, Ian

  37. "Random evolutionary games and random polynomials"
    Duong, Hong

  38. "Analyzing the dynamics in defense/counter-defense games among hosts and pathogens"
    Dwivedi, Shalu

  39. "On a neutral host-virus model with applications to HCMV"
    Eichhorn, Raphael

  40. "Fitness valleys and multi-scale analysis in changing environment"
    Esser, Manuel

  41. "The induction of tipping points due to phenotypic plasticity driven feedback mechanisms"
    Fellows, Benedict

  42. "Kindergarten Model: Approximating Time Delays in Evolutionary Games"
    Fic, Małgorzata

  43. "Generating mutualisms through branching in subdivided populations"
    Flintham, Lewis

  44. "Evolution of aggression in consumer-resource models"
    Galanthay, Theodore

  45. "Masting modeling: evolution towards an early phenology to control seed consumers."
    Gastebois, Sabrina

  46. "Conditional cooperation with longer memory"
    Glynatsi, Nikoleta

  47. "Substrate complexity shapes the interactions within microbial consortia: a theoretical study"
    Guseva, Ksenia

  48. "Self-similarity: a new perspective in population genetic models."
    Hernandez Wences, Alejandro

  49. "Efficiency and resilience of cooperation in asymmetric social dilemmas"
    Hilbe, Christian

  50. "Evolution in graph-structured populations"
    Iritani, Ryosuke

  51. "Higher-order interactions and digraph generalisations"
    Iskrzyński, Mateusz

  52. "Collective responses of flocking sheep to a herding dog"
    Jadhav, Vivek

  53. "From friend to foe and back again - Coevolution of partner preference and degree of cooperativeness drives transitions in the mutualism-antagonism continuum"
    Jäger, Felix

  54. "Different fitness interpretations for the same evolutionary model: on Hamilton’s rule, inclusive fitness theory and adaptive dynamics and the connections between them"
    Jansen, Vincent

  55. "Mathematical models of collective behaviours across systems"
    Jhawar, Jitesh

  56. "Assessment of the spread of 7 invasive species under three climate change scenarios in Korea using rule learning of elementary cellular automata"
    Jin, Hong Sung

  57. "Friends without benefits: The evolution of multicellularity in adverse conditions"
    Jorge, Daniel

  58. "The role of phenotypic plasticity in the ecological theatre"
    Kalirad, Ata

  59. "Plant-Soil feedbacks as bimatrix evolutionary games"
    Karagiannis-Axypolitidis, Nikolaos

  60. "Stability Landscape Dancing with Memory"
    Khalighi, Moein

  61. "The efficiency of resensitizing CRISPR-encoding plasmids for the treatment of AMR bacteria"
    Kippnich, Johannes

  62. "Optimal sharing in social dilemmas"
    Kleshnina, Maria

  63. "Skewness enables stabilising effect of hierarchy in complex competition networks"
    Koch, Franziska

  64. "Metabolically structured population models: a unifying framework for microbial ecology and evolution"
    Koffel, Thomas

  65. "Modelling the evolution of ectosymbiosis in the context of eukaryogenesis"
    Krishnan, Nandakishor

  66. "The Ideal Free Distribution with travel costs: Migration of blufin tuna"
    Krivan, Vlastimil

  67. "Submodular fitness landscapes"
    Krug, Joachim

  68. "Public Goods and the evolution of strategic altruism"
    Labourel, Florian

  69. "Optimal removal of host plants to slow the spread of invasive insects"
    Lampert, Adam

  70. "Sparse species interactions reproduce abundance correlation patterns in microbial communities"
    Lampo, Aniello

  71. "Adaptation to biotic versus abiotic change - navigating conflicting selection pressures in competitive communities"
    Leoz, Simon

  72. "Computer Simulation and Mathematical Modeling of the Interactions Between Ecological and Sexual Selection to Reveal the Mechanism of Sympatric Speciation"
    Lin, John

  73. "Disentangling causal evolutionary relationships between sexual selection and parental care"
    Long, Xiaoyan

  74. "Dormancy in urban environments"
    Louvet, Apolline

  75. "Evolutionary emergence of plant and pollinator polymorphisms in consumer-resource mutualism"
    Marcou, Thomas

  76. "Drivers of within- and between-host diversity during stochastic microbial community assembly"
    Marrec, Loïc

  77. "Modelling the spread of senescence"
    Martin, Lucy

  78. "Evolution of cooperation and assortment"
    Martin, Éloi

  79. "Coalescents with Migration in the Moderate Regime"
    Mellis, Sophia-Marie

  80. "What is the niche-space? The exact theory"
    Meszéna, Géza

  81. "Cancer-immune coevolution dictated by antigenic mutation accumulation"
    Morison, Christo

  82. "Regime shifts, extinctions and long transients in discrete-time models of population dynamics"
    Morozov, Andrew

  83. "The allele frequency spectrum in a non-equilibrium world"
    Müller-Widmann, Rebekka

  84. "Inferring intrinsic population growth rates and per capita interactions from ecological time-series"
    Nguyen, Phuong

  85. "Stochastic Dynamics of Autonomous and Nonautonomous Transposable Element Interactions in Genomes"
    Omole, Adekanmi Daniel

  86. "A novel approach for developing partial differential equation models of invasive species"
    Osei Bonsu, Kwame

  87. "Process-based piecewise description of mutualistic interactions"
    Palamara, Gian Marco

  88. "Mean time to extinction in a fluctuating environment"
    Pande, Jayant

  89. "Branching with selection and mutation : Mutant fitness of Fréchet type"
    Park, Su-Chan

  90. "Evolution of dispersal in metapopulation models"
    Parvinen, Kalle

  91. "What came first: inversions or local adaptation?"
    Peischl, Stephan

  92. "Reconstruction of biological networks from population data"
    Peixoto, Tiago

  93. "On the spread of an infection in a spatially distributed host population with immunity"
    Pokalyuk, Cornelia

  94. "Coevolution of species' range and niche in changing environments"
    Polechová, Jitka

  95. "Ecological inheritance promotes the coexistence of environmental helpers and defectors"
    Prigent, Iris

  96. "Noise-induced survival resonances during fractional killing of cell populations"
    Puccioni, Francesco

  97. "The effect of early life experiences on learning in jumping spiders: A reinforcement learning model"
    Rajendra, Dharanish

  98. "Chaos and noise: disorder in population dynamics"
    Ramirez, Maria Alejandra

  99. "A large population mate choice game"
    Ramsey, David Mark

  100. "A model for plant–pollinator interaction with separation of pollen and nectar dynamics"
    Revilla, Tomás

  101. "A model for tree migration constrained by palaeoecological data"
    Robson, Dominic

  102. "Emergence of phenotypic plasticity through epigenetic mechanisms"
    Romero Mujalli, Daniel

  103. "New insights on animal size evolution using an eco-evolutionary model"
    Roy, Shovonlal

  104. "Differences in root architecture increase persistence time in simulated plant communities"
    Salinas, Hugo

  105. "Integrated Indirect Reciprocity and the Evolution of the Open Society"
    Sasaki, Tatsuya

  106. "Evolution of extrachromosomal DNA in non-growing populations"
    Scaramangas, Alan

  107. "From heterosis to reproductive isolation: unravelling the role of genetic interactions in hybrid fitness"
    Schneemann, Hilde

  108. "Evolutionary bet-hedging in structured populations"
    Sharkey, Kieran

  109. "Coexistence in stochastic environments"
    Shnerb, Nadav

  110. "Markov models of sequential decision-making for social animal groups"
    Sigalou, Anna

  111. "Natural death rate drives star graphs from amplifiers to suppressors of natural selection"
    Slyeptsova, Natalya

  112. "Defensive symbiosis - tales from an uneasy alliance"
    Smith, Cameron

  113. "Emergence of multiscale patterns from population diversity of interaction ranges"
    Sontag, Andrei

  114. "On a continuous approach to fixation on graphs with large populations: the star as a paradigm"
    Souza, Max

  115. "Game theory to design evolutionary therapy in non-small cell lung cancer"
    Stankova, Katerina

  116. "Ecological principles for the evolution of communication in collective systems"
    Staps, Merlijn

  117. "The mutational landscape in cancers before and after treatment"
    Stein, Alexander

  118. "Speed and shape of population fronts with density dependent diffusion"
    Stokes, Beth

  119. "Mathematical Preconditions for Existence of the Stock-Recruitment Function"
    Subbey, Sam

  120. "Tandem repeat variation in partially selfing populations"
    Sudbrack, Vitor

  121. "Symbolic regression algorithm sheds light on resource dimensionality in microbial ecology"
    Sun, Anthony

  122. "Low relatedness can drive the evolution of reproductive division of labour"
    Takeuchi, Nobuto

  123. "Optimal strategies for controlling pathogen outbreaks and pathogen evolution towards virulence"
    Trevenen, Elizabeth

  124. "Towards an Evolutionary Ecology of Bacterial Mobile Genetic Elements"
    Tuffet, Rémi

  125. "Demographic and Evolutionary Consequences of Damage Dynamics in Single-Cell Ageing"
    Tugrul, Murat

  126. "Studying within and between species encephalisation in hominins using phylogenetic comparative methods"
    Venditti, Chris

  127. "Treating tumours early or late?"
    Viossat, Yannick

  128. "The Evolution of Phenotypic Noise"
    Weinreich, Daniel

  129. "Evolution of Multilingual Populations, Its Stable/Unstable Equilibrium, and the Extinction/Coexistence of Languages"
    Wu, Zhijun

  130. "Optimizing disease surveillance in Pteropus Lylei using a mechanistic ecological-epidemiological model"
    Yu, Cherie

  131. "Kinship can hinder cooperation in heterogeneous populations"
    Zhang, Boyu

  132. "The Matthew effect in biology, or: do social insect queens really reverse the fecundity-longevity tradeoff?"
    Zug, Roman

List of accepted Mini-Symposia:

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  1. "Piecewise deterministic Markov processes in ecology and evolution"
    Aguirre, Leonardo

  2. "Expanding theoretical perspectives on senescence"
    Avila, Piret

  3. "Developing more realistic finite population evolutionary models"
    Broom, Mark

  4. "Population Dynamics Across Interacting Networks or Scales"
    Browne, Cameron

  5. "Multilevel Modeling of Eco-evolutionary Dynamics"
    Cooney, Daniel

  6. "Evolutionary Dynamics of Prosocial Behaviours under Incentives"
    Durbac, Calina

  7. "Exploring ecosystem dynamics in a changing world; complexity and stability revisited"
    Lazzari, Paolo, and Mitra, Aditee

  8. "The evolution of genetic architecture"
    Lesaffre, Thomas

  9. "The evolution of life cycles and mating systems"
    Mackintosh, Carl

  10. "Self-organisation in systems of interacting agents"
    Merino-Aceituno, Sara

  11. "Experimental and Modelling Approaches to Understanding Macroecological Patterns"
    Rogers, Tim

  12. "Branching systems as models for structured populations"
    Tourniaire, Julie

List of Posters:

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  1. "Genealogies in multitype frequency-dependent branching processes"
    André, Mathilde

  2. "Multi Strategy Eco Evolutionary Model - Stability Analysis"
    Bedi, Manjyot Singh

  3. "A Fisher-KPP equation with a phenotypic dimension : persistence and spreading speed"
    Boutillon, Nathanaël

  4. "How plastic germination favors plant diversity"
    Daval, Amaël

  5. "The emergence of phylogenetic clusters in stochastic niche communities"
    De, Satavisha

  6. "The two-size Wright-Fisher model"
    Dopmeyer, Hannah

  7. "Modeling Breeding Bird surveys"
    Erard, Adélie

  8. "MIMIC: A Comprehensive Python Package for Simulating, Inferring, and Predicting Microbial Community Interactions"
    Fontanarrosa, Pedro

  9. "Evolutionary rescue of niche constructors from habitat-exploiting invaders"
    Longcamp, Alex

  10. "Multiple cost strategies in the Hawk-Dove game under fixed and varying resources"
    Mulchrone, Kieran

  11. "Norms prioritizing good images are likely to maintain cooperation in private indirect reciprocity"
    Okada, Isamu

  12. "Evolution into chaos - implications of the trade-off between transmissibility and immune evasion"
    Sayyar, Golsa

  13. "Coexistence through life history variations in an explicit patch age model"
    Staggs, Jon

  14. "Exploring the Role of Fitness Function of Extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA) in Cancer Evolution"
    Tu, Fengyu

  15. "Cluster Formation in Interacting Particle Systems – Modeling and Simulation"
    Wehlitz, Nathalie

  16. "A null model for the evolution of the recombination map"
    Yuksel, Mete